Prince Philip

HRH Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died 9th April 2021.
The announcement was made by the Palace between 12:00 and 12:04pm.


A second corrected birthtime, shown here, has come up for Gemini HRH Prince Philip. Joanna Watters, a former COA tutor who now teaches in Greece, has passed on Facebook information from astrologer Laura Boomer-Trent. Laura has posted a Greek birth certificate for the Prince, born in Corfu. This states the birthtime as 10:00 am, not the 9:46 pm time given amongst other sources by Astrodienst (via Lois Rodden, who listed this as DD dirty data).

The 9:46pm wrong chart in use until now showed a striking commutation, negated by the considerable difference in time. This commutation suggested a ‘fairy tale’ theme in the synastry of the Queen and Philip, with both Queen and the (wrong) Prince having Moon ruling the marriage 7th, alongside Neptune in the 7th. Her Moon at 12 Leo is conjunct his Neptune at 11 Leo; her Neptune at 22 Leo is conjunct his (wrong) Moon at 22 Leo.

We therefore lose his Moon on her Neptune. Instead, Philip’s corrected Ascendant at 18 Leo falls broadly across her Neptune opposite Mars-Jupiter.

We are bound by our craft of natal horoscopy to start our investigations from a correct birth time as given on a birth certificate. Yet as Geoffrey Cornelius pointed out in The Moment of Astrology with Princess Diana’s chart, ‘wrong’ maps may work, until they don’t. Then they are replaced by the ‘right’ map, which must be found to work. The interesting thing about many wrong maps is that they offer a narrative that is then replaced by the new narrative. The fairy-tale marriage of the Moon-Neptune commutation matches the idealised and romantic presentation of the royal couple at the very beginning of their marriage. This must now give way to a story that is a better fit, perhaps to Philip’s 7th ruler Saturn at 18 Virgo, closely square his Sun at 18 Gemini, trine and sextile the horizon: walking two steps behind, in a life of service. – MH

The wrong map