US departs from Kabul

The commander of the US 82nd Airborne Division departs from Afghan soil at one minute to midnight local time, ending the 20-year invasion. The aircraft left Afghan airspace ‘several minutes’ later (Pentagon briefing 31 Aug.)

In the ‘Last Man’ chart the night Fortuna at 22 Virgo, with Mars and conjunct the US Neptune, reveals the failure of current foreign policy on the US Neptune half-return (Sibly VIIth house Mars closely square US Neptune in IXth shows overseas wars, and their danger for the US). Note the radicality of the Last Man Moon on the US Desc. – the very axis of the 9/11 Pluto-Saturn opposition that brought the ‘war on terror’ into being. This suggests ongoing immediate consequences of the withdrawal as Neptune and Pluto complete their current pattern into the Spring of 2022. – MH