Introducing a special address to the Bundestag on the 27th February, Chancellor Olaf Scholz described Russia’s invasion as a Zeitenwende, a turn in the times, the change of an era, for the continent of Europe. The fall of the Berlin wall marked an earlier turn of the tide. Now at a stroke the post ‘Cold War’ era of relative stability is over, and no less than the Germans, all European nations face a military, economic and political paradigm shift.

Independence from the USSR, affirmed by referendum 1 Dec 1991
A major event in Ukraine’s origins, showing radical symbolism for later history. Vladimar Christianised the whole of Kievan Rus’ and thereby became a Saint.
Putin’s birth data is not reliable, but this chart shows radicality
Putin sees Ukraine as ‘holy land’ for a united Russia (Ju on IX ruler IC)