Roe v Wade overturned

Sun , ruler of this overturning, is conjunct USA (Sibly) Venus 3′ arc. This is in turn the IC (foundation) of the original 1973 judgment. USA Venus ruler Vth offers competing readings depending on a pro-choice take on women’s rights or an anti-abortion take on foetal rights. (updated 28th June)

Saturn and Uranus hold the angles in the overturning of Roe v. Wade. How might competing goals be squared? ‘Life, liberty and happiness‘ – these show as Sun, Jupiter, Venus in the Sibly US horoscope Declaration of Independence (‘declared’ by Moon on IIIrd). The heartfelt goal of anti-abortion campaigners is to guarantee Life (Sun) to the foetus (Venus ruler Vth), from religion and through law (Sun ruler IX). Yet in secular democratic culture the foundation of Happiness, societal and individual, comes from women’s reproductive and sexual rights – hence IC conjunct US Venus in the 1973 Roe v Wade judgment (see below).. – GC

Women’s reproductive rights: Venus ruler Vth in Cancer