Rishi Sunak and Diwali

Rishi Sunak, standing outside no.10, announces that he has ‘accepted his Majesty’s invitation to form a government in his name.‘ The ‘kissing of hands’ at Buckingham Palace (not broadcast) is estimated to have occurred not more than 20 minutes prior to the announcement. The exact co-occurrence of the New Moon (a partial solar eclipse) demands interpretation yet leads to powerful contradictions shaped by the context in which it is being interpreted. Diwali is a principal annual celebration for Hindus, Jains and Sikhs, tied to the eve of this New Moon of the lunar calendar. The festival symbolises the overcoming of demonic darkness by the Light. So, our new Prime Minister emerges as Tory leader on the formal day of Diwali on Monday 24th, and ‘as if’ elected by a court astrologer, announces his appointment on the 25th within minutes of the astrological portent to which it is undeniably tied, namely, a celebration of our first non-white Hindu Prime Minister. While wishing him well, do we view this in Western (tropical) light, the latter showing us the very degree of the Moon’s Fall with a dangerous Venus? A week on, strains over the Home Secretary (‘leaky Sue’) and accusations of ‘grubby deals’ are surfacing, and more is likely on the lunar eclipse of 8th November. This current New Moon being an eclipse – albeit not total) ill fits the notion of a popular coronation. Or shall we infer a Jyotish (sidereal) perspective with the New Moon in Libra and Venus redeemed? Perhaps the truth is not either-or but in some way both. – GC (30th Oct)