About the COA

The Company of Astrologers was founded in 1983 under the auspices of the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society and the Astrological Lodge of London. The founders of the COA were Derek Appleby, Geoffrey Cornelius, Maggie Hyde and Gordon Watson. Its primary task is to promote the practice of astrology as a way of insight and self-knowledge. To this end, the Company offers a forum for the sharing of astrology and a teaching programme.

The Work of the Company

There are two orders to the experience and practice of astrology, outer and inner. Likewise there are two main levels to the Company’s work as a teaching body. The first level covers the symbolic, astronomical and technical framework required in the interpretation of astrological symbolism and the horoscope. Our tutors are skilled and innovative astrologers with many years of experience, and the Company is recognised as one of Britain’s leading teaching bodies in practical astrology.

Astrology as Divination

The second level is related to the Company’s distinctive approach, recognising astrological interpretation as divination. We are interested in those aspects of philosophy and psychology which illuminate astrology’s symbolic language. Working within the modern development of traditional craft horoscopy, we wish to understand the limits as well as the possibilities of practice, and to open up the question of how we may best approach and convey its manifold reality.

We provide an environment of training and supervision for the professional astrologer, as well as for those seeking self-knowledge. We also offer occasional complementary studies in divination, especially Tarot and the I Ching.

We are currently operating as a private company limited by shares. The Company’s directors are Maggie Hyde and Geoffrey Cornelius. Shareholders receive no dividends, and any profit is used to further the educational work of the Company, its tutors, and its colleagues. The Company of Astrologers Ltd is a full Member of APAE (The Advisory Panel on Astrological Education).

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