Happy Pisces Returns, Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is famous for his Die Hard movies (note the natal T-square with Pluto tied in), but perhaps his most moving and impressive role was in the supernatural drama The Sixth Sense. He plays a child psychiatrist helping a boy who sees dead people, with a stunning twist at the end. The film was released 6th Aug 1999 with transit Neptune on his natal Moon.

Saturn-Uranus & Bitcoin

for London

The slow forming Saturn-Uranus square, made as Mercury comes close to its station, takes place in the week before the UK lockdown is due to be revised and new rules are announced. Neptune strong with malefic Mars separating by sextile looks good for the UK’s mass vaccination roll-out. However, the Moon falls closely on Uranus – a populace discovering its libertarian streak and seeking independence, quite a challenge for Saturn to restrain further.  On this note, ministerial advice for people not to plan for summer holidays goes down like a lead balloon with Asc. ruler Mercury in the 5th yearning to escape Saturn and head for Jupiter. Planets in the 5th house of speculation aspecting Uranus in Taurus also throw a spotlight onto market and economic instability. Note that when Saturn and Uranus were last in opposition, Bitcoin was launched. Watch its progress – or otherwise – on this square.
– MH

courtesy Mark Flaherty who showed this chart in *SOS*. The location is widely assumed to be London.

Happy Aquarius returns, Eddie Izzard!

Stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard describes herself as an ‘action transvestite’, with a comedic style that ‘takes the form of rambling whimsical monologues and self-referential pantomime’. – Wikipedia

‘Cats have a scam going – you buy the food, they eat the food, they go away; that’s the deal’.

Joe Biden – Inaugural Omens

Biden’s Inaugural Omens >> detailed interpretation in pdf download – includes timeline and horoscopes for Biden and the Capitol Riot.

The Moon in fiery Aries directly separates the square of Pluto. The people are whipped into anger by their Shadow President. Void-of-course the Moon has nowhere to go. Crossing into Taurus she becomes powerful by exaltation, enters the orb of Mars and Uranus and reclaims that which was stolen. At least, that was the plan…


The Jupiter-Saturn zeitgeist conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius occurred on the day of the Winter Solstice of Monday 21 December 2020 at 6:22pm GMT/UT. Apart from the symbolic significance of coming together on the Winter Solstice, this was the closest they have been in latitude for many centuries, appearing to the naked eye as a single star on the day of conjunction. The last time they joined in Aquarius was in 1405. What a privilege to have seen them now!

In our online celebration of the conjunction, we featured the classic New Age song Woodstock, as well as a notably Aquarian rendition from The Boomers: Let’s Stick Together (By Keeping Apart). Streaming from YouTube via Zoom didn’t work well, so if you’d like to hear it, here is the link – https://youtu.be/JedX3yGdDR0

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