Nicola Sturgeon falls

Nicola Sturgeon unexpectedly resigned as Leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party and First Minister of Scotland on 15th February 2023. The emerging back-story threatens to make this a tragic fall from good repute as well as a fall from power, now that her husband Peter Murrell, former Chief Executive of the SNP, is under police investigation concerning irregularities in the finances of the Party.

Murrell (born 8th December 1964) has Venus conj. Neptune in Scorpio closely opposing Jupiter at 18 Taurus. In the light of current circumstances it is tempting to read this configuration as the rumour of financial scandal, whether or not this reputation is deserved. By synastry Murrell’s abundant Jupiter falls to the degree on Sturgeon’s Taurus Part of Fortune, indicating Saturn (conj. Fortune) as a part significator for her husband by its placement in the 7th. The principal significator for her husband is Venus in fall in Virgo, further weakened by the south Node. Venus is the ruler of Sturgeon’s 7th in her career-10th. The implications of the current scandal spoil her own reputation. What did Nicola know, and if she did not know, what ought she to have known?