Don’t mention the War…

Venus and Mars, from peace to war. The second TV debate for the Tory leadership involved a spat on Health Service financing, when Kate McCann turned abruptly to the war in Ukraine: “The UK government has said it will stand with Ukraine till the end. How do you keep people on side, how do you keep people with you when they are suffering and things are likely to get worse?” Liz Truss replies: “Well, the cost of not doing anything to stand up to Vladimir Putin is immense. If he succeeds in Ukraine he’s not going to stop that he’s going to challenge the freedom and democracy…”
[Presenter collapses, cuts to music, broadcast ends 6:31pm]

Discussions: Jan Seward suggests the presenter’s faint might be a ‘canary in the mineshaft’ warning. Maggie Hyde believes it points to the eclipse of 25th Oct as a landmark. Russia has a long-term strategic advantage as the Western democracies falter under the fuel crisis. See post below on Ukraine.

Neptune appears

Neptune at Newhaven, East Sussex c. 9am 6th July 2021 (BBC/Jeff Overs)
look out for further discussion on this remarkable hermeneutic signature – GC