Don’t mention the War…

Venus and Mars, from peace to war. The second TV debate for the Tory leadership involved a spat on Health Service financing, when Kate McCann turned abruptly to the war in Ukraine: “The UK government has said it will stand with Ukraine till the end. How do you keep people on side, how do you keep people with you when they are suffering and things are likely to get worse?” Liz Truss replies: “Well, the cost of not doing anything to stand up to Vladimir Putin is immense. If he succeeds in Ukraine he’s not going to stop that he’s going to challenge the freedom and democracy…”
[Presenter collapses, cuts to music, broadcast ends 6:31pm]

Discussions: Jan Seward suggests the presenter’s faint might be a ‘canary in the mineshaft’ warning. Maggie Hyde believes it points to the eclipse of 25th Oct as a landmark. Russia has a long-term strategic advantage as the Western democracies falter under the fuel crisis. See post below on Ukraine.

Roe v Wade overturned

Sun , ruler of this overturning, is conjunct USA (Sibly) Venus 3′ arc. This is in turn the IC (foundation) of the original 1973 judgment. USA Venus ruler Vth offers competing readings depending on a pro-choice take on women’s rights or an anti-abortion take on foetal rights. (updated 28th June)

Saturn and Uranus hold the angles in the overturning of Roe v. Wade. How might competing goals be squared? ‘Life, liberty and happiness‘ – these show as Sun, Jupiter, Venus in the Sibly US horoscope Declaration of Independence (‘declared’ by Moon on IIIrd). The heartfelt goal of anti-abortion campaigners is to guarantee Life (Sun) to the foetus (Venus ruler Vth), from religion and through law (Sun ruler IX). Yet in secular democratic culture the foundation of Happiness, societal and individual, comes from women’s reproductive and sexual rights – hence IC conjunct US Venus in the 1973 Roe v Wade judgment (see below).. – GC

Women’s reproductive rights: Venus ruler Vth in Cancer


Introducing a special address to the Bundestag on the 27th February, Chancellor Olaf Scholz described Russia’s invasion as a Zeitenwende, a turn in the times, the change of an era, for the continent of Europe. The fall of the Berlin wall marked an earlier turn of the tide. Now at a stroke the post ‘Cold War’ era of relative stability is over, and no less than the Germans, all European nations face a military, economic and political paradigm shift.

Independence from the USSR, affirmed by referendum 1 Dec 1991
A major event in Ukraine’s origins, showing radical symbolism for later history. Vladimar Christianised the whole of Kievan Rus’ and thereby became a Saint.
Putin’s birth data is not reliable, but this chart shows radicality
Putin sees Ukraine as ‘holy land’ for a united Russia (Ju on IX ruler IC)

Omicron named

The World Health Organisation had within the previous hour to this public designation declared this to be a Covid-19 ‘variant of concern’ because of its unusual mutations, raising the possibility that it might evade current vaccines.

The IIIrd house naming reflects the theme of the autumn (Libra) ingress where the potential square of Moon to Pluto was halted by an applying sextile to Jupiter, the saving grace of the vaccines. Here the Moon is void-of-course by major aspect and separating the opposition of Jupiter. We must take care not to over-interpret a void Moon chart, but on the current evidence the former powerful protection (Jupiter Lord VIth and medicines-Xth exalted in the asc.) may not hold into the New Year as well as we hoped, putting us collectively in a period of doubt and irresolution. (GC)