*Stars on Sunday*

Starting again early autumn

*please note our new time of 1:30pm BST (12:30 UT) – 2:45pm.
Charts about advertised themes and current hot topics
plus whatever comes up from attendees.

Hosted by Maggie Hyde & Pat Blackett

SORRY! Our next Sunday 19th Sept session on The Autumn Equinox has had to be cancelled through an unforeseen ‘thing suddenly happening’ (see Uranus rising opposite Asc ruler Venus!).

If you have already booked we’ll be in touch to arrange refund or transfer. Thanks!

Two sessions led by Geoffrey Cornelius:
3rd Oct 1:30pm
Self-help and Mutual Reception by Degree

When to apply this classic COA ‘locating significance’ approach. Let us know if you have a good example!

10th Oct 1:30pm
Saying YES, NO or MAY BE to judgment

Discretion, Strictures and the Daimon in horary.

Let us know you are attending at least a day before to guarantee a place.
Fee: £7 waged, £5 unwaged, £2 dire straits.

Please make a note of date(s) you wish to attend, and pay by Paypal using the COA’s donate button and email contact form >> link here Thank you for your contribution, which helps us to continue our work in the service of astrology.

About Stars on Sunday: Do you want to introduce a chart for discussion? Send to COA by preceding Friday. We will email a pdf of any charts or handouts to seminar subscribers together with a Zoom link on Saturday (usually by 6pm). Charts can be on any topic, and do not have to be on the advertised theme. Comments that may identify you, and any personal materials you submit, are not distributed or archived without your express permission.