Introducing a special address to the Bundestag on the 27th February, Chancellor Olaf Scholz described Russia’s invasion as a Zeitenwende, a turn in the times, the change of an era, for the continent of Europe. The fall of the Berlin wall marked an earlier turn of the tide. Now at a stroke the post ‘Cold War’ era of relative stability is over, and no less than the Germans, all European nations face a military, economic and political paradigm shift.

Independence from the USSR, affirmed by referendum 1 Dec 1991
A major event in Ukraine’s origins, showing radical symbolism for later history. Vladimar Christianised the whole of Kievan Rus’ and thereby became a Saint.
Putin’s birth data is not reliable, but this chart shows radicality
Putin sees Ukraine as ‘holy land’ for a united Russia (Ju on IX ruler IC)

Omicron named

The World Health Organisation had within the previous hour to this public designation declared this to be a Covid-19 ‘variant of concern’ because of its unusual mutations, raising the possibility that it might evade current vaccines.

The IIIrd house naming reflects the theme of the autumn (Libra) ingress where the potential square of Moon to Pluto was halted by an applying sextile to Jupiter, the saving grace of the vaccines. Here the Moon is void-of-course by major aspect and separating the opposition of Jupiter. We must take care not to over-interpret a void Moon chart, but on the current evidence the former powerful protection (Jupiter Lord VIth and medicines-Xth exalted in the asc.) may not hold into the New Year as well as we hoped, putting us collectively in a period of doubt and irresolution. (GC)

Two Minute Silence

Simão Cortes alerted us to this remarkable and radical figure, which may be taken to signify World War Remembrances to come. He remarks on the Mercury-Saturn square from the depths of the VIIIth and the setting Moon applying Pluto, a sea of souls passing beyond the bound of words. Eternal silence moves us.

Our current Remembrance Day falls on the 11th Day of the 11th month each year, with Silence at the 11th hour. In its origin it honoured the Armistice, the formal cessation of hostilities of the First World War on 11th November 1918; it was renamed as Remembrance Day after the Second World War. This year the 11th day of November fell on a Thursday, coincident with Cop26, the international climate conference held in Glasgow. Remembrance Day should be distinguished from Remembrance Sunday designated as the second Sunday in November. Military and war veteran ceremonies of remembrance take place on this day, in the UK enacted at the Cenotaph in London. The red poppy became an emblem of remembrance with the second Armistice Day in 1920.

US departs from Kabul

The commander of the US 82nd Airborne Division departs from Afghan soil at one minute to midnight local time, ending the 20-year invasion. The aircraft left Afghan airspace ‘several minutes’ later (Pentagon briefing 31 Aug.)

In the ‘Last Man’ chart the night Fortuna at 22 Virgo, with Mars and conjunct the US Neptune, reveals the failure of current foreign policy on the US Neptune half-return (Sibly VIIth house Mars closely square US Neptune in IXth shows overseas wars, and their danger for the US). Note the radicality of the Last Man Moon on the US Desc. – the very axis of the 9/11 Pluto-Saturn opposition that brought the ‘war on terror’ into being. This suggests ongoing immediate consequences of the withdrawal as Neptune and Pluto complete their current pattern into the Spring of 2022. – MH